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Meet the Healer

P. Juliette Owen

My journey in health and wellness began when I was 18 years old, although at that time it looked very different, as I was enrolled in university on the pre-med track. Born in Louisville, KY, I have lived in various cities including Chicago, Miami, Longmont, Asheville, and Charleston, and even lived in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. I have a degree in biology from the University of Miami, certification in Reiki, EMT-IV, SC, NC, and NM massage licensure, and I was in medical school albeit brief. All of my adventures have brought me to where I am now, with my current understanding and philosophy in supporting the body's miraculous healing power. I am dedicated to providing relief and rejuvenation to individuals from every health background. Empowering them with the knowledge to care for their bodies and embrace a vibrant life is my mission. As I serve the community of Santa Fe, New Mexico I bring the powerful and transformative art of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage to those in need of relief, rejuvenation, and detoxification. Let us unlock your body's healing potential and embark on a transformative path to wellness together.


My technique in Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage was inspired by my training and certification in Los Angeles, CA. Quick, repetitive strokes push fluid to the lymph nodes, increase circulation of blood and lymph, boost immunity, and energize the cells. This goes beyond mere body sculpting, as I believe the flow of Qi and flow of lymph are deeply intertwined in this process of removing stagnation.

Self-care: investing in your well-being.


Wellness is living in alignment

Revive Your Body

Experience the magic

Picture yourself with a radiant glow, vibrant skin, and a spring in your step. Are you ready to take the plunge? Don't wait another minute!

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